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How stress can cause infertility and 3 tips to help prevent it


Dr. Olivia Mapleton writes: How does stress affect your fertility? Avoid stress. Stress isn’t good for you or your baby—before, during, or after pregnancy. Too much stress may increase the risk of preterm labor, low birth weight or possibly miscarriage. Having a positive attitude and a belief in your ability to have a healthy baby can be just as important as any physical preparation. To reduce your stress levels, get pregnant fast and maintain a health pregnancy you should try one of the following tips: 1. Exercise Walking is a great opportunity to de-stress and unwind. Take this time to talk and dream about what you want ( having a baby, for example). This technique is called creative visualization – when you dream, talk and visualize something long enough – you will eventually see it materialize in real life. 2. Meditation This is one of the best stress relievers. It’s also highly recommended during preconception care and during pregnancy as well (to prevent the possibility of early miscarriage). To make Meditation easier try a hypnotic CD or soothing music. 3. Pamper Yourself Take time off work and go on a holiday. Do something you really like: reading, yoga, a massage, pedicure, or just walking on the beach. You’ll notice this puts you in a different emotional state and it will definitely help you to conceive faster.