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Oh my! How can I get pregnant fast? You'll never guess the 6 best tips

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD writes:

If you're wondering how can I get pregnant, our experts share some practical steps that you can take to get pregnant fast

A child can be your pride and joy and one can never imagine life without those tiny hands and feet, little mouth and that laughter in your ears. As they grow, you are faced with those questions that you don’t know how to answer. But how do you get there? One of the most frequently asked questions for some women is, how can I get pregnant? Receive 20 Free Pregnancy Tests

Many women are faced with the possibility of being infertile because of failure to conceive after several years of trying. There are several factors that contribute to inability to get pregnant. Some women have irregular menstrual cycles, polycystic ovarian syndrome, anovulation and infertility.

Identifying fertility problems

Quick Tip #1 - Most important, seek medical advice if you are having difficulty to conceive. Blood studies will determine the level of reproductive hormones. This will confirm if you are ovulating normally. Just to say a little on polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is a condition in which the hormone Prolactin has level that is so high that it suppresses the release of luteinizing hormone and Follicle stimulating hormone.

Quick Tip #2 - These two latter hormones are needed to stimulate the follicle in releasing an ovum. The ovum is needed to be fertilized by the sperm in order to get pregnant. In understanding prolactin, this is the hormone responsible for milk production after pregnancy. When women are breastfeeding, don’t have a menstrual period because of the same concept above with the levels of prolactin. It surges and suppressed the ovulatory hormones.

Quick Tip #3 - Therefore, if there are hormones imbalances it will be difficult to conceive. This causes irregular menstrual period or no menstrual period. So, first you have to find out if you are ovulating properly.

Learning concept and signs of ovulation

Quick Tip #1 - Once your ovulatory cycle is normal, there must be a different reason for inability to conceive. The woman needs to study her ovulatory cycle for several months in order to understand the pattern. This way she will know her ovulation day. Most women have either a twenty one or twenty eight days cycle.

Quick Tip #2 - The middle of this cycle is the time ovulation is likely. Her temperature will be elevated on that day. Therefore she needs to monitor her temperature everyday and chart it as well as monitor her vaginal discharge. The day of ovulation the discharge will be a clear sticky and stringy gel. Having sexual intercourse on this day will get her pregnant.

Quick Tip #3 - A woman can conceive within twelve to twenty four hours during her fertile time. It is advisable to remain lying down with a pillow under the hips for some time after the sperms are deposited to allow them to enter the uterus. The missionary position is the natural and most favored in conceiving. These are the little secrets and tips in getting pregnant.

If you are still unable to conceive, have the male do fertility test. His sperm count might be low. Therefore, the next time you hear someone ask this question, how can I get pregnant. You'll definitely know.

FertiBella® is the most complete fertility system available over the counter. Clinically proven to increase your fertility and help you get pregnant from the very first use. And now for a limited time, try a FREE starter pack today & receive 20 FREE tests!

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Tuesday, 8:42pm

I have been pregnant three times and i only have one living child...Its easy for me to conceive bit the last two times they were not successful. i cant carry past the first trimester.. please help me.

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Thursday, 11:39am

If you tend to miscarry (early pregnancy loss) avoid getting pregnant if you ovulate later than day 15 of your menstrual cycle. Late ovulation increases your chances to miscarry because endometrial lining is not optimal anymore to allow implantation.

Late ovulation also results in a a higher risk of miscarriage, as the older egg may be defective, and the aging corpus luteum may not be able to produce enough progesterone, which is the hormone that prepares your uterus for pregnancy, and prevents you from getting your period.


Wednesday, 1:21pm

PREGNANT!!! Was on month #2 with fertibella (been ttc for 4 years)...... BUT..... have a question. Should it be stopped immediately or continue the bottle? Can't find that answer anywhere (or I'm just not seeing it). Beta numbers are very strong and more than doubling. Baby dust to everyone - and keep positive.


Thursday, 8:47am

Congrats Jen, I'm so happy for you and hopefully it works for me, I read someone comments awhile ago that landed pregnant and she stopped her pregnancy pills after she conceived hopes this helps and again congrats..


Monday, 12:58pm

I got pregnant on Fertibella half way threw month 2 bottle! I quit taking it the day I found out I was pregnant! A huge congratulations! I'm so happy it has worked for others as well. My pregnancy is going good. I'm 11 weeks today! I go in next tuesday for my start of the second trimester tests! Hope all goes well for you!


Tuesday, 3:19pm

stop taking it right when u find out i did when i found out now im 7 weeks pregnant


Saturday, 8:21pm

wish me luck i'm tryin it out for the first time today


Thursday, 7:23pm

I became pregnant after taking Fertibella for less than a month! I would like to cancel any further payments and shipments. My order # for my first 2 months of fertibella was CDF4AA4ECF. Can I do this through you?


Wednesday, 7:16pm

So I'm reading that most of y'all have gotten prego within 2 mos? Right? I just ordered yesterday and am on pins and needles waiting for it to get here!


Thursday, 10:38pm

i havent had any luck getting pregnant after 4 months of a miscarriage. i am 26 years old and would be the first baby for us


Friday, 9:47am

i hvae been taken fertibella for a week now. It taste funny to me for some reason. @day i had a postive ovulation test so i hope for the help getting pregnant with fertibella. I know that it is too early but i want to get pregnant asap. I am willing to give fertilbella a try and i pray that it works. Before the end of month two bottle. Any up to date on fertibella anyone. please write and let me know your experience on fertilbella. and how long it took you to get pregnant.


Saturday, 1:10pm

it took me about a month and week to get pregnant take it with milk thats what i did


Thursday, 10:58am

I was half way threw month 2 bottle when I found out I was pregnant! I am now 10 weeks pregnant and so far so good. I hope it works for you and I hope this helps! God bless!


Friday, 7:01pm

I can not wait til i find out that i am pregnant.


Saturday, 9:19am

hi i just ordered my fertibella today i hope it works me and my husband been trying for 3 years now and we have nothing i love kids and want one so bad i hope this helps us out i am 26 years old and i have no kids and reading all these messages gives me hope i pray to god that everyone gets what they want and thanks for the feedback it helps alot


Monday, 7:41am

Just to keep every one informed, the pregnancy is going great! We are due June 14th and my husband and I are ver excited. I hope it is going well for everyone else as well! God bless you all!


Friday, 10:46am

Has anyonehad ay success with FertiBella? I have been taking for about a month now. For the ones who used FertiBella how long did it take you to get pregnant? Anyone


Saturday, 8:12am

I haven't got my order as of yet, but will definitely posts if it worked for me, I'm looking forward to it. My husband will sure be surprised if theres an addition to the house, its been me & him for soooo long


Saturday, 3:49pm

not yet as I just placed my order-I wish us luck.


Sunday, 6:11pm

I have been using fertibella for almost a month now and my period is already late. Is it possible I could be pregnant? Also, when I get pregnant do i continue taking fertibella?

chankii morris

Wednesday, 12:17am



Thursday, 9:57pm

I have an empty bottle of #1 and a half bottle of #2. I think it worked I am pregnant thanks again


Friday, 9:56pm

a month and a week for me


Saturday, 4:28am

i had my right ovary taken out on october 21 and we are ready to get pregnant what can i do to get pregnant


Monday, 3:38pm

my sister in law only has one ovary, and she was told she would have slim chance of getting pregnant but she now has 6 babies,5 girls and a boy. so i would say you can get pregnant, and her kids are 1 to 2 years apart.


Friday, 11:38pm

Hi me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant with our first child for a while now and it seems to not be working is there anyway you could tell me things i could do at home to help?


Monday, 8:23am

have sex 15 days in a row starting the day your period goes off


Saturday, 9:01pm

dont have sex 15 days in a row that will drowned out the spirm. i know that cuz i talked to a doctor.


Sunday, 8:55am

If I started my cycle today what is the best way to determine when I'm ovulating to get pregnant?


Monday, 10:45am

You should ovulate 14days from the first day of you period. Google "My Days". It's a calender that helps you tract you period and ovulation. It's also a phone app. Hope it helps you.


Sunday, 10:02am

It worked!!! I am finally pregnant!!


Monday, 11:47am



Tuesday, 12:58pm

Congrats! I just started taking feritbella. I will let you all know what happens.


Tuesday, 4:30pm

how long did it take you to get pregnant after you started fertibella? I just started the fertility medicine 3 weeks ago. Most of the fertibella reviews I have seen are 2 months tops and was just wondering from a real person not just the website! Thank you and Congratulations on getting pregnant!


Wednesday, 6:08pm

Thanks! I am excited about getting pregnant after trying for two years! It took me 11 weeks to get pregnant after I started taking Fertibella. BABY DUST TO YOU ALL!


Friday, 8:42pm

Congrats again! I know the feeling of trying for so long. My husband and I have been trying for 19 months now. We got pregnant super easy with our first child but really have been wanting just one more baby, so last month I heard about FertiBella and desided what the heck it's cheap fertility drugs when you don't have Insurance yet! Well I hope it works as well for me as I have been hearing it has for alot of others! I will keep you posted and thank you for replying, it is greatly appreciated!


Sunday, 9:19am

Hi vivacious I have been trying too! I am thinking about trying Fertibella. It's sounds like its worth a try. I have a 6 yr old son. And he and my husband and I would iike another baby! I like you got pregnant with my son quickly. I am really considering it. Have a blessed day!


Sunday, 9:33pm

my hushand haves a low spream count and i wantesd to know whats the "BEST PILLS TO USE 4 THAT"


Monday, 8:32am

I been trying to get pregnant for the past three years ....i dont get pregnant sometimes my ovaries hurt wath can that be...


Monday, 10:02am

fertibella worked for me it took a month a 2 weeks to get pregnant now im 5 weeks pregnant


Sunday, 6:23pm

congrats Brittany how exciting i wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy I just started bottle number 2 but just started my period so no luck yet :( Im still hoping and praying...wish me luck.


Wednesday, 12:01pm

i wish u luck on it just remember if u want a girl dont do anything lol let ur partner do all the work if u want a boy do all the work lol


Monday, 6:20pm

We've been trying for 11 months & I can not get pregnant why ?

Ms. Saunders

Monday, 6:25pm

I am 26 yrs. Old and I believe I am infertile, but my fiance insist that I'm not because I was pregnant once before when I was 20 yrs old only I made a decision to have an abortion which I regret deeply ecspecially since I am having a hard time concieving and after that I took the plan B. Pills a coulple times but in the past 2 years we have been trying to concieve only my period is very irregular so accurately timing ovulation is hard I've visited my doctor who has been my OB for the past 8 years and she always assures me nothing is wrong but the result of not getting pregnant make me feel otherwise I am a daycare provider and have helped raise many children and I am becoming overwhelmed and depressed at the thought of not being able to have my own I don't know what direction I should go in because finances liimit my options

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Monday, 7:39pm

Your feelings are very common amongst women who experience difficulty conceiving. Depression and stress can actually affect your fertility and disrupt your regular ovulation, so it is important to address and treat it to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The good news is that if you have conceived in the past, then you can almost certainly get pregnant again. The first thing you should do is regulate your cycles and identify your time of ovulation. FertiBella 2-Month Starter Kit + 20 Free Ovulation Tests can help you to achieve both. I recommend you start taking an ovulation test at day 7 and continue testing each day for the entire month. This will first establish whether you are in fact successfully ovulating and help you to time intercourse around your peak fertile days.

Try not to let your feelings overwhelm you. Instead get the support you need from a friend or professional. Find ways to share your feelings instead of holding them inside. Sharing your feelings can help you feel less alone and allow you to overcome a greater spiral of depression that can result from protracted infertility.


Tuesday, 8:18am

me and my boyfriend have been trying for a year and its not working what can i do to get pregnant


Tuesday, 7:23pm

Will this help with follicle growth?

Maureen Stephens, RN

Monday, 7:05pm

Yes, FertiBella helps induce follicle growth and ovulation. Each woman will be slightly different in their ovarian response but it generally takes about 21-28 days of daily use to induce follicle growth and eventually ovulation.


Thursday, 2:44am

How can I know when i'm ovulating

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Monday, 6:52pm

I would start by recommending you learn more about the Fertility Awareness Method. It will reveal to you many signs that your body gives off each month that tell you exactly when you are ovulating. Many women have an "a-ha" moment after learning about these signs and are simply amazed that they've never been taught to look for these signs before. After a cycle or two, you'll become very familiar with identifying these monthly signs of peak fertility. Combining the Fertility Awareness Method with the use of OPKs can be one of the best fertility aids for women, and you will quickly discover a newfound confidence in your body and your fertility.


Wednesday, 9:41pm

My husband and I been trying for 2 years and nothing has happen can you Help us


Saturday, 8:55am

if u had ur period on d 18 and u take the pill to get pregnant in 25 in the morning and have sex with your partner did that gonna help me get pregnant.

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Monday, 6:45pm

FertiBella is intended to be taken every day. Daily use helps to restore your regular cycles and promote ovulation, while increasing production of your fertile quality cervical mucus and thickening your endometrial lining. Although there is no need to time your use of FertiBella, you do need to identify your peak fertile days, so you and your partner can time lovemaking around ovulation.

During your time of ovulation, your egg is able to be fertilized for about 12-24 hours. But since your partner's sperm can survive inside your body for 3-5 days, your total fertile time can be up to 5-7 days. I strongly encourage you to read about the Fertility Awareness Method and combine that with using an ovulation predictor kit to help you determine your time of ovulation. When used correctly, you'll have a 90% chance to successfully target your best times to get pregnant. Good luck and baby dust to you!

elicia moreno

Saturday, 5:09pm

hi i haven't been on any birth control for 5 years and so since my last child i have not been able to get pregnant . how can i get pregnant ? what days should u try ?

hub cap

Saturday, 10:59pm

Thanks for your insight for the great written piece. I am glad I have taken the time to read this.


Monday, 4:12pm

me and my fiance' of 6 years have been trying for over a year now. i was on the newva ring for anout 2 years off an on, i have tried to calculate my ovulation an it seams to jump around alot or i dont get any reading on the ovulation tests, i have talked to my obgyn but she seams like its just going to take time an i have already waited for a year. she dosent seam like she cares, i am taking a multi vitamin an so is my fiance'...i would like to know how to get pregnant?

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Monday, 6:20pm

Many popular contraceptive methods on the market today can cause temporary infertility following discontinued use. From what you describe, it sounds as if you are experiencing irregular cycles and may not be ovulating at all. These are both common side effects of Merck's NuvaRing. Most ObGyn's will tell you to simply wait until your cycles return to normal, but this can be very frustrating to hear when you and your partner are ready to conceive now.

FertiBella can help speed the process of restoring your regular cycles and stimulate ovulation. But perhaps more importantly, FertiBella will help in the production of your fertile-quality cervical mucus (necessary to create the optimal environment for your partner's sperm) while promoting a thickening of your endometrial lining (crucial to accepting your fertilized egg). These are the two areas, 1)CM and 2) endometrial lining, that NuvaRing works directly against in order to disrupt your chances for getting pregnant each month. So I would start by addressing these two areas.

I would also recommend that you continue to use ovulation tests or start charting your basal body temperature to identify your peak fertility days. Following this advice, should help getting pregnant fast, if otherwise healthy and having regular intercourse.


Tuesday, 9:12am

My boyfriend and I being try for 5 years now and we haven't get any results yet can u tell me why ..


Wednesday, 6:16pm

I want to know how to become fertile fast. I don't have regular periods and right now I'm on my period is fertibella safe to try


Friday, 8:14pm

I know Fertibella can work and it is safe. A friend of mine took it and had no side effects. And now she is five months pregnant.


Friday, 7:28pm

i cant seem to get pregnant me and my boyfriend have been wanting a baby and my doctor says if im having a regular period i can get pregnant and im desperatly wanting to have a baby i need help getting pregnant please help


Sunday, 6:38pm

when do you ovulate


Sunday, 8:31pm

what if you have not got pregnant by month 4 what happens im on green right now i start it 2maro and i take my pills to help get pregnant at 10pm when i get off work every night and what happens if you dont get pregnant when your done with all 4 bottles do you keep taking the last one over and over or do you stop ordering my man even did a sperm check and he is over 2000 count....

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Thursday, 5:18pm

While many women see results with FertiBella in the very first month, each individual's reproductive cycles are unique. There are a total of 12 monthly blends of FertiBella, to be taken in chronological order. Each month contains a unique pharmaceutical grade blend scientifically formulated to boost your body's natural fertility and increase your chances to get pregnant quicker and easier.

Since you've established that your husband's sperm count is normal and you are both otherwise healthy, I would strongly encourage you to turn your focus to timing and frequency of intercourse around ovulation. We often find these two things to be the most commonly overlooked obstacles in trying to conceive. You should use an ovulation predictor kit or the Fertility Awareness Method to confirm your peak fertile days and be sure you are timing intercourse everyday around these days. If you do this, I am confident that you will experience success.


Monday, 4:45pm

Hi I'm 19 and me and my fiance have been trying to get pregnant quickly for about 9months now. I have irregular periods and when I was 16 I had an abortion. Should we be worried can you give us any advice


Tuesday, 12:52am

yes you can get pregnant again. i also made the difficult choice to have an abortion at age 16. today i'm married and have a beautiful 14month old girl.


Tuesday, 6:46am

i had a tubal preg about 2 months ago and the doctor said we could start trying again and we have been trying and trying but seems to be no result. Is there any fertility supplements i should be trying?

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Thursday, 5:51pm

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. If you've received one or more shots of methotrexate, your doctor has most likely recommended you stop taking prenatal vitamins, since folic acid reduces the efficacy of methotrexate. However, after your bhCG levels go to zero, you should resume taking a prenatal vitamin to increase your folic acid levels.

The next logical step would be to focus on stimulating ovulation, and FertiBella can be highly effective in your situation. The good news is that your risk of another ectopic pregnancy is fairly low, so your chances of an intrauterine pregnancy should be excellent after ovulation induction.


Friday, 3:02pm

hi im trying to get pregnant can u help me


Friday, 4:33pm

Me and my fiance have been TTC naturally from december 09 till middle of october '10. I been taking fertilla for almost 2 months (5 pills left on month 2 bottle). I have tried using opks to pinpoint my O day but it did not help. How do i get pregnant faster and what is the fertillity awareness method? BTW my fertility levels are normal. also he smokes and drinks could this affect me conceiving? Please give me as much info as possible and if you have questions let me know. Thanks.....


Friday, 6:21pm

I found out that I am pregnant so I won't be needing my next shipment of Fertibella. Can you tell me how to do that so that I don't receive the upcoming months 3&4 order in April? Thank you for your great product! We are so excited!

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Wednesday, 6:33pm

Congratulations on your pregnancy! You can contact Customer Care by e-mail or call toll-free at (888) 363-9222, Mon-Fri 9-5pm, and they will be happy to help you with your account. All the best to you and your growing family!


Friday, 10:01pm


Joan Villar

Friday, 10:39pm

Im 43 yrs old and still trying to have my own child. My period is irregular. sometimes after 3 months before i having my period.


Friday, 11:14pm

ive been having bad headaches and nausae crampin and my boobs r really tender and darker than normal could i be pregnant?

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Thursday, 8:17pm

All of the symptoms you describe are common signs of pregnancy, but the most significant sign would be if you've missed your period. If that is the case, then it's definitely time for you to take a pregnancy test. Good luck!


Sunday, 10:36pm

Hi my name is Brenda I have been married for almost 3 years I'm 24 years old and have had 2 misscariges I'm wondering if these pills to get pregnant are good for me. My husband and I are 100% healthy and already got checked by doctors.. Let me know what should I do.


Tuesday, 6:35am

I have been disappointed twice in a row back in 2001 i miscarried both times and still no luck i am young 29 and my husband is 31 we have been together for 12years we are happy but not happy at the same time i went 5 months my 1st time not knowing my baby had died in my stomach when i went for a ultra sound back then they said the baby had died when i was 2 months but i had went 5 months not knowing and my second miscarried was 5 months after the 1st which ended in 2 months as well right now it's hard for us to see a OBGYN don't have the money for infertility treatments and we both are unemployed at the same time i having saw an OBGYN in like 2 to 3 years it very sad and at the same time my health isn't so great i have ovarian cyst it seems like all of the time i go to the emergency room every month for this and i also have IBS so all of this is taking a toll on us.

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Tuesday, 7:21pm

For most women, the presence of ovarian cysts has no effect on their chances to get pregnant. Ovarian cysts don't ordinarily disrupt ovulation and conception. However, if you have many cysts, it could point to signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which can indeed have an impact on ovulation and your ability to get pregnant. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) shouldn't pose any significant effect on conception.

While FertiBella can be very effective in helping women with PCOS successfully conceive, if you're not actively trying to get pregnant, I'd encourage you to visit your ObGyn for a check-up. Since you don't have insurance, s/he might suggest hormone therapy to manage the cyst growth rather than costlier surgery.


Sunday, 3:30pm

Is it ok to take after pregnant?

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Tuesday, 9:43pm

Congratulations! Once pregnant, you can discontinue using FertiBella and begin taking a daily prenatal vitamin for the duration of your pregnancy.


Sunday, 6:24am

I'm 24 and have never been pregnant. I was on Depo shot for 6 years and now I'm ready to get pregnant. Its been a year since I've stopped depo but I haven't had a normal period yet or ovulate. I ordered Fertibella and am on day 2, will this help me to get pregnant?


Monday, 2:39pm

Hi, i have a question i just finished my cycle and i wanted to know when to start taking fertibella?

Maureen Stephens, RN

Tuesday, 6:05pm

The effects of FertiBella are cumulative as it actively works to increase your body's natural fertility from the very first use. It is intended to be taken once each day, so you can start taking it immediately. As soon as you get pregnant, discontinue FertiBella and begin taking a prenatal vitamin for the duration of your pregnancy.


Wednesday, 6:44pm

i have a child and want to know how long should you wait before having another

sammy lopez

Saturday, 8:14pm

I didnt know guys there is fertility drugs over the counter like fertibella otc im going to tru one but my main issue right now I have trouble getting pregnant is because I have one fallopian tube because, last year 2009 I have a serious actopic preg so I want to try again bcz I dont have children at all,thsnx

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Tuesday, 5:51pm

Your chances of natural conception, although decreased slightly, are not significantly less with one fallopian tube. As long as your other tube is patent (unobstructed) and you have working ovaries, your chances of getting pregnant naturally are still very good.

Embryo transfer can be effective when both fallopian tubes are absent or blocked. However, you may wish to consider avoiding such an invasive and expensive procedure if you have one unobstructed fallopian tube and working ovaries. In double blind clinical studies, FertiBella has been shown to be highly effective in helping women with one fallopian tube conceive naturally.


Wednesday, 5:25am

In my family urine tests dont detect the hcg hormone but blood.test do why is that


Saturday, 3:45pm

Me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby for the passed four years and NOTHING! I went to the doctor and they said everything looked fine, but I'm afraid that one of us can't have children. Is this normal? Any advice what pills can i take to get pregnant? We really want a child. :(


Wednesday, 4:28am

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year now. I have been pregnant before but i didnt get passed the first trimester. I was also wondering if muscle mass pills can reduce your sperm count? My husband takes those pills everyday.

Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

Tuesday, 5:45pm

While anabolic steroids can have a significant impact on sperm count and sperm quality, without knowing the exact pills your husband is taking, I can't fully comment on how they may affect his fertility.

However, some telltale signs of steroid use include mood swings, increased acne, water retention, or a sudden increase in body mass. Steroid use can have serious side effects on the male reproductive system and may affect fertility permanently, so I would certainly encourage you to discuss your concerns with your husband.


Monday, 9:45pm

I am 32 yrs old and been married for some yrs now but I have blocked tubes. I had surgery a few yrs ago and still no success. I'm ready to have my own children but how can i get pregnant fast?


Thursday, 6:47am


Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Wednesday, 2:38am

Sperm can survive inside your body for 3-5 days, so your total fertile period lasts up to 5-7 days. To increase your chances to get pregnant, you should be having sex 2-3 days prior to ovulation. Learning how to recognize the presence of your fertile quality cervical mucus (CM) will help you in pinpointing your most fertile days. Fertile CM helps to create the ideal environment for your partner's sperm to survive and travel to fertilize your egg.


Thursday, 4:47pm

Hello I want to get pregnant ,,,,but my husband don't want for no reason. this made me trying to do it every given chance with him,my question is ,,, what can help me get pregnant ??because when it comes to put his sperms on my vagina, he quickly put it out of it. I know if he saw his baby, he will not think why did I do(what I may do to get pregnant.) thank you


Friday, 10:21pm

im 44 yrs old and drs have said i can not get pregnant cause of eggs and age. i have a pretty go cycle i dont think i ovulate every month. i have tried lots of things and nothing works . i would like to know how to get pregnant fast. do i have a chance at pregnancy again if i take these over the counter fertility pills.

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Tuesday, 7:51pm

Age is definitely one of the biggest factors when you consider your chances for a successful pregnancy. While your odds of getting pregnant may be lower than a few years ago, many women over 40 do get pregnant naturally using FertiBella. It will also help regulate your cycles to provide you with the best chance for success. And because of the age of your eggs, I would strongly recommend that you begin trying to conceive immediately.

baby #1

Sunday, 6:50pm

hi , i am 24 healthy and normal i think.... i get normal period from 27-30 day..i am trying to concieve from 11 months without any sucess,, what can i take to help me get pregnant, shall i go to doc , i m very tense,plez help :(


Monday, 4:34pm

How about if your tube was block how you can get pregnant with out surgery....


Tuesday, 8:00am

I've had a hard time getting pregnant & Ive been trying for months but Im only 19 is there a reason why?


Sunday, 6:16pm

I have been trying to concieve for 6 years ive took all kinds of tests,payed a lot of money my obgyn says everything is normal , what do u suggest? I have even tryed infertility drugs for four months


Friday, 2:49pm

I have been trying to get pregnant almost a year now. And we have tryed many things all the positions. Many tips on how to become pregnant fast. And nothing seems to be working. I fear that I might not be able to have a baby. Is there any fertility enhancers I can try before I see a doctor agen?


Monday, 6:59pm

I just got my Fertibella in today! My fiance and i are trying to get pregnant before he leaves for basic training in the army. wish us luck! He leaves july 11th! We're hoping before then! Any advice on how to get pregnant fast?


Monday, 11:34pm

I just received my Fertibella in the mail today, with 5 HCG test Strips, 5 O test Strips, 10 HPT, and 10 O Predictor tests. Awesome!!! So anyways, my husband and I have been TTC for 7 months now... After our 2nd baby I found out that I developed PCOS :( My daughter is not 17months (yes, we love children!) We were hoping to settle at 3 around the same age... I tested today with 4 BFN's!! I'm due for ovulation today, as this is my 16th day since beginning of LMP, and my Cycles are 30-32 days. I am hoping these pills to get pregnant faster will be our answer!!! I always love hearing Fertibella success stories and Fertibella reviews, it really inspires me. Good luck to you all wish lots of Baby dust in this FertiBella Journey!! :D


Tuesday, 4:17pm

We just found out we're due on 10/5!! I was just starting on month 2 of Fertibella and I think what finally made the difference was I timed my ovulation right. What I did was start testing twice a day, momrning and night just to make sure I was timing ovulation correctly. Then we just did lots of baby dancing before the day and sure enough that was the month we got pregnant. :-) Baby dust to you on your journey and remember to use your opks.


Thursday, 10:11pm

I have tears of joy running down my face as I write this but-I’m FINALLY pregnant!


Friday, 4:43pm

congrats!! how long did it take you to get pregnant with ferti bella?


Thursday, 1:31am

ive been trying to conceive and i havent had any luck iam afraid to go to the dr. to make sure i can reieve . any suggests for me?????


Friday, 1:39am

I hope this stuff works the fertility pill should be here soon. I have been trying for awhile now. I don't know the best day to get pregant? I really hopes it works.


Saturday, 10:55am

I received the first 2 bottles of fertibella and became pregnant after I hadn't even finished the first bottle. Unfortunately, I just had a miscarriage. When my dr oks me to attempt to get pregnant again. Can I start with bottle #2, should I re-order just bottle #1? What would you recommend?

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Thursday, 6:52pm

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. While miscarriage is usually the body's natural way of indicating something was amiss with the pregnancy, it is never an easy thing to experience. You can continue taking FertiBella in chronological order, finishing the remainder of Month 1 and then continue on with Month 2.

Many doctors recommend waiting 3 months before trying to get pregnant again, to give your body time to heal. However, one of my tips on how to get pregnant, is if there are no other outstanding medical issues, I strongly encourage patients to begin trying as soon as they are ready. Many of my patients experience a successful pregnancy in the very next month of trying.


Tuesday, 5:03pm

I am 27 years old, me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. I have never had a regular period since I started having them, is that a big issue in us trying to get pregnant. I did order the fertility pills for women today, so once I receive it I hope that it works and like all the other Fertibella success stories I hope we conceive in month 2. Is there anything i can do to help regulate my periods, if the Fertibella doesn't help us conceive?


Saturday, 6:37am

Me and my husband being trying for the past 2 years trying to have a baby but no luck at all. can you please give me some advice on how to get pregnant?


Saturday, 4:42pm

I am having the hardest time trying to figure out how to get pregnant fast and we have been trying for a while now. I have looked at everything from the internet and also talking to experts. My husband and his brother are twins so it is supposed to skip a generation. Please help me work toward having a baby.


Sunday, 2:53pm

I've had 4 children and my youngest is 1yr old. I just recently got married and my husband and I want a son of our own. He said he was nervous when he did the sperm count thing and they said he only has 3% sperm actually swimming...and I've been on these fat burner pills at work. We want to concieve but I need to know what I should do first....instead of me just going to the store and buying fertility pills and then taking them...ill take whatever I need...and he's willing to as well. What's the first step and then when do I start the fertility aids.

Marie alva

Monday, 7:51am

Hi um marie im 20. I been tryn to get pregnant for about 6months. I notice thatnow that im tryn my period is delaying more n more i use to be regular and i cramp alot but my period dnt come. Can it be something serious or stress? Also what fertility drugs for women can i take 2 speed things up?


Monday, 6:17pm

I have not had a fully peiod.last one was 2/16/11.


Monday, 3:44pm

I got pregnant last year and lost her to cancer I cant get pregnany for anything. what can I do PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I TAKE TO GET PREGNANT :(


Tuesday, 2:53am

i am trying to get pregnant but it doesnt seem to be working, so i dont know what to do anymore,i want some help any one please help me, i have been eating alot healthier have stopped smoking and drinking what else is there i can do

Dr. Prabha Sahgal, MD

Saturday, 8:09pm

The first step you should take is to pinpoint your day of ovulation. Once you know when you ovulate, you should time intercourse during the 3-5 days prior to ovulation. These 3-5 days are going to be your most fertile days. For most women, this occurs approximately 9-14 days from the start of your menstrual cycle. If you’re not sure how to recognize your body’s fertility signs, you can take an ovulation test daily to help you. The best sexual positions tend to be missionary or with your partner from behind, as it helps position the sperm closer to your cervix.

There are fertility supplements for women you can take. Eating healthier, quitting smoking and drinking are all naturally important. But it also sounds like you may be putting yourself under a lot of pressure. Remember that stress can have a very real impact on your ability to conceive, so don’t forget to take care of -YOU- first.


Monday, 11:06pm

Does this help if you are experiencing a bad tube? Been going through infertility treatments for 2+ years and fighting that I only have one good tube. The infertility drugs seem to lower my uterine lining to a point there is nothing for an egg to cling to.

candy bowen

Wednesday, 3:14am

i just ordered my trial i hope it will work for us we been trying for 5 months already . the dr. advice us to use fertility medicines like clomid but not sure about that he said it will be applicable to wait till one year... i hope it will work for us!


Tuesday, 10:19pm

me and my fiane have been tring to conccieve a baby for 4 years with no results. What can we do? Is there a form of fertility pills to get pregnant for men too?


Wednesday, 8:39pm

Hey guys. I was thinking about trying out FertiBella and i just had a few questions. First off, my husband and i have been trying to concieve for over a year but have had no luck. He wants a baby but doesnt think that we should try fertility medication but i want a child SO bad! If i were to get pregnant do i have to tell my doctor that i took a fertility drugs or is that not important?? Also, has Fertibella caused any health problems? Thanks guys

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Thursday, 6:30pm

As with any fertility medications, you should consult your doctor if you’re planning to take over the counter fertility drugs. FertiBella is a 100% natural, pharmaceutical grade blend, scientifically formulated to increase your body’s natural fertility. It works without any side effects and without the need for costly and invasive fertility treatments.

I would also encourage you to discuss your feelings with your husband. A frequent question I get asked is, “what else can me and my husband do to conceive without taking fertility drugs?” Ideally, your OBGyn should provide an excellent resource for ideas and alternatives you can explore. You may also wish to browse our article library, which discusses many free or low-cost ways to get pregnant naturally.


Wednesday, 5:59pm

how can i get them free fertility drugs plezz


Thursday, 4:14pm

I would like to cancel my next order and account. I am pregnant thanks to you guys and I no longer need my next order. =]


Monday, 3:10am

I have been experincing irregular mensurtion for past 3years and I have been trying to get pregnant nothing is working . I went to my obgyn doctor ,he said according to record that everything is fine. What is the problem?


Tuesday, 5:38am

I have been trying to get pregnant for the last five months. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I am taking Clomid. I used to not get regular periods and niw that I have been taking Clomid I am getting regular monthly periods bit I have had no luck getting pregnant. What more can I do to oncrese my chances of conceiving?


Friday, 12:24am

does this fertility drug cause multiple births


Monday, 3:40pm

how do you know if your infertile? ive been trying to get pregnant the past 5 months with no success.


Thursday, 1:52pm

My husband and I have been ttc for almost a year now and I took clomid and procheive for 3 months and few months back and they didn't work. I have PCOS and that's hard enough to deal with. I've been regular for the past few months but I'm now 10 days late. I took 2 hpt yesterday and they both came back negative. I have 2 children already but they're from my previous marriage and my husband and I want one of our own. I had mirana a couple of years ago but had it removed and I've had quite a few miscarriages. What could be causing all of this, since my dr never seems to be able to answer my questions, and could fertibella help us? Please help


Monday, 1:29am

Im testing positive in already 3 urine pregnancy tests i went to the emergency room yesterday to see how far i i am and they told me that i might be testing positive due to high hormonal levels what do you think could it be that im pregnant forsure. I want to be


Sunday, 4:54pm

I have one child, and Im 25 years old.My daughter is going to kindergarten and we are ready to have another child. I want to get pregnant in a healthy way. So what should I be doing before getting pregnant. And I am getting my IUD taken out Tomorrow. Is that going to delay me getting pregnant.


Wednesday, 6:03am

I have been pregnant twice and both ended in miscarriages i dont understand what could be wrong with me help please.

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Sunday, 8:17pm

Your situation is perfectly normal. About 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage and most times it's simply nature's way of telling you that something is wrong with the pregnancy, be it chromosomal abnormalities, or otherwise. While the reasons for miscarriage largely remain a mystery, we do have some ideas. Reducing stress, taking prenatal vitamins (before and after conception), avoid smoking and caffeine, and maintaining an ideal body weight can all help reduce your risk of miscarriage.

Most women who suffer miscarriages do go on to have healthy babies, so I recommend you continue trying. I know it can be difficult for you emotionally, but I don't see any reason to be overly concerned at this point. Should you experience a third consecutive miscarriage, you may wish to consult your Ob-Gyn for further testing.


Wednesday, 6:07am

I need help!! Have been trying to conceive for 2yrs. Endocronologist said I have PCOS any advice?


Wednesday, 8:11pm

I'm on my 2nd day of Fertibella and no side effects so far. been ttc for 8 months with no luck so we'll see what happens! I have had different test done to make sure I can even get pregnant and everything has been good so far. I suffer from unexplained pelvic pain but other than that everythings normal. Wish me luck!


Saturday, 12:01pm

I have been trying to get pregnant for about 10 years now im 28 years old I dont know what im doing wrong. Yu


Monday, 2:30am

I really really want to have a baby.I had a abortion whwas younger which created abnormal cells. And I have had an STD that why I can't conceive?


Sunday, 9:05pm

i have a 6month old daughter and been on the depo shot now me and my boyfriend want to have another baby. how hard will it be to try and get pregnant faster because i've been on the depo


Tuesday, 4:00pm

my period is always 3 or 4 days late every mounth.. an i never know when my ovulation day is. how can i figue it out?

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Saturday, 8:53am

Understanding your ovulation and pinpointing your most fertile days is one of the most important things you can do to help get pregnant fast. Yet, it's one of the least understood aspects of trying to conceive. As an adolescent, we're taught how not to get pregnant, but as an adult we often find ourselves clueless about even the most basic functions of our own reproductive health.

I encourage you to spend a little time learning about your ovulation and you will quickly discover just how absolutely amazing your body really is. Read about understanding your signs of ovulation and for a more thorough reading on the subject, I encourage you to check out Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler from your local library. It's an invaluable resource to helping you understand your body.


Thursday, 11:28am

h have a 3yr old and a 18month old. But i have been trying to concieve for about 6 months now with no luck. I have irregular periods. But i concieved very easily with my first 2 kind but now that i want another i try and try i can't get pregnant. My husband and i area trying everything but nothing us working. What should i do to increase our chances an us there anything that i can do to speed up the process.


Wednesday, 4:51am

My fiance and I have been trying to concieve for a little over 6 months now and I still can't manage to get pregnant. I just don't understand is something wrong with me? I know its not him because he already has two children from a previous marriage. Also I'm 20 almost 21. Don't know if that matters.


Thursday, 2:15am

i have had a miscarriage before now im trying to get pregnant again and no luck me not havin a period could tht be the problem/


Monday, 8:05pm

i have been tyring to get pregnant for the longest- i am scared that i may not be able to concieve.. any advice?


Tuesday, 6:01am

I have been trying to get pregnant for 4 years now, I have been pregnant once but it only lasted 2 days and then I had a miscarriage, can't afford to see a doctor or get tested for anything, do you have any advice on how I can get pregnant?


Tuesday, 11:54pm

how long do you think it takes to conceive after deppo. I been off since april of this year.


Monday, 9:52pm


Monica Scott, BS, RN

Saturday, 8:22am

Many women wrongly assume that a tubal ligation is a 100% certain method of preventing pregnancy, but it is not. While your chances of becoming pregnant are limited, you could become pregnant any time after having the procedure done.

Your chances of becoming pregnant with FertiBella tend to increase the longer it has been since the procedure was performed, because your tubes can actually repair themselves and grow back together. While there is no guarantee that you’ll experience success, the ability to get pregnant is possible and FertiBella can help to increase your chances of becoming pregnant again.


Tuesday, 1:14am

I've been trying to concieve for some years now I've recent had a hsg done and one of my tubes are blocked how can I get pregnant will the fetibella help

Bianca Evans

Tuesday, 9:23pm

My boyfriend and I are trying sooo hard to get pregnant. We have sex right around ovulation time. I always get pregnant symptoms such ad headaches all the time, sore breast, mood swings.... but I always end up still getting my period. What is wrong with me? Is it because I smoke marijuana? ???? My friend told me she smokes and got pregnant twice. Please helllp.

Maureen Stephens, RN

Friday, 2:01pm

While using marijuana may not be affecting your fertility, there's a strong likelihood that it could be affecting your man's fertility. Studies have shown conclusively that smoking cannabis can cause a lower sperm count in men. Additionally, marijuana smokers' sperm tend to swim too early and fast causing them to be less effective when they finally reach the egg for fertilization.

Consider talking with your partner about making a commitment to take a break from smoking for the sake of your chances to get pregnant. Good luck!


Tuesday, 7:16pm

Which fertility medicine can i use to get pregnant fast

Safiyah Hanif

Sunday, 9:36am

Hi! Im 36 yrs old now,im just got marriage and i want to get pregnant fast, i hope and pray that Fertibella can help me. But how to get this product?I'm living now here in Mozambique,Maputo.


Tuesday, 1:50pm

Okay i have had 2 kids to a old marriage in remarried in youngest son will be 8 in december in ive been with my husband for 5 years in still not been able to get pregnant i had c-section with last baby not sure why i cant get pregnant anymore ?


Thursday, 5:57am

I have a question I am ordering right now but I want to know if being over weight can cause a problem or lessen my chances of having a baby? Can you please help me?

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Thursday, 2:55pm

While being overweight can influence your chances of getting pregnant, this usually only affects about 10% of couples, who typically experience problems with irregular ovulation. FertiBella helps stimulate and regulate your body's ovulation, and since you don't mention any other outstanding fertility factors, I'd say you should have an excellent chance of conceiving.


Saturday, 4:38pm

I can't get pregnant no matter what i do and how many times i go by the book and read about fertility techniques i just can't get pregnant please help me i ovulate!!! and the dr's have all told me that i should be able to get pregnant idk why i'm not able to have a baby please help me......

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Monday, 10:07pm

The #1 key to how to get pregnant is timing ovulation correctly. I can't stress this enough. Be sure to chart your ovulation days with an ovulation calculator and have sex around your ovulation days (which is the only time you can get pregnant).

You'll also want to make sure no lifestyle factors are interfering with your ability to become pregnant. Focus on stress-reducing activities like yoga or meditation. Quit smoking or moderate to heavy drinking. Eat a healthy diet and exercise two or three times a week. Be sure to chart your ovulation days and have sex during your ovulation days (which is the only time you can get pregnant).

Next, you may want to try a fertility aid like FertiBella, which can help stimulate ovulation and increase your chances to get pregnant faster. Your last course of action will be checking to see if there is a fallopian tube or cervical obstruction, or having your partner checked for male infertility issues.


Saturday, 10:26pm

I have been tryin to get pregnant ever since I got off the depo shot last year in november then in december I started the seasonique pill and stopped that in march of this year I started tryin to concieve in april n every time. I don't get my period I think I'm pregnant but I never am I always get my period late either 28 or 29 days and sometimes even 30 days I don't kno what's goin on with my body now.

Maureen Stephens, RN

Monday, 9:56pm

One of the side effects of Seasonique is that users may experience a delay in being able to become pregnant after stopping. This effect is even greater in patients who had irregular periods before starting Seasonique.

Similarly, trace amounts of Depo-Provera hormones have been known to last in a woman’s body for up to 12 months after stopping use. It sounds like the combined use of both contraceptives may delay ovulation. You may want to consider trying fertility pills like FertiBella to help with your hormone levels and become more regular, get on a regulated menstrual cycle, and help get pregnant faster.


Sunday, 8:50pm


Monica Scott, BS, RN

Tuesday, 8:24pm

There are many factors that can prevent or delay pregnancy. Failure to ovulate tops the list, affecting roughly 40 percent of all couples who are trying to conceive. The normal ovarian cycle is a complex process and even minor disruptions can interfere with ovulation. Hormone deficiencies, tubal obstructions, chromosomal disorders, poor quality cervical mucus, and endometriosis are other situations that interfere with pregnancy.

FertiBella helps to regulate your hormonal balance, stimulate ovulation, and boost your body's natural fertility. You may want to consider trying the all-in-one TTC Starter Kit as a good option for those who want to become pregnant fast.


Sunday, 9:58pm

Am i sopposed to take feribella during my period?

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Monday, 9:29pm

Yes, you should continue taking FertiBella at any time during your cycle. You can begin your month 1 blue bottle of pills at any time in your cycle. When you are finished, move on to the pink bottle, month 2. Once you find out that you are pregnant, discontinue using FertiBella and switch to prenatal vitamins to ensure your body receives all the right vitamins and minerals while you are pregnant.


Monday, 1:40am

iam 20 in married i was on the depo from 14 to 18 and i have not got pregnant yet in i was woundering why that is .the obgyn in carteret county northcarolina said that i was fertil.

Dr. Renee Hanton, MD

Monday, 9:19pm

Many people mistakenly think Depo-Provera is just another contraceptive like the pill. However, Depo-Provera is, in fact, very different from taking the pill. The hormones of the pill are out of your body within days of stopping your pills. (That is why you have to throw out your pack and start a new one if you miss several consecutive days of taking them.) On the other hand, Depo-Provera works by continuously releasing hormones into your body. A single injection typically works for three months or longer.

It’s been my experience that the majority of women who have been on Depo-Provera take anywhere from 9 to 12 months to get all the hormones out of their bodies, start ovulating, and become pregnant. This is nothing to be terribly concerned about, but is one reason why I steer patients who may want to become pregnant soon away from choosing Depo-Provera for contraception.


Monday, 2:19am

I am 25 and have been trying to conceive for three years with no luck. I have test done to see if my fallopian tubes were blocked and everything was normal. I do have a unhealthy lifestyle habbit of smoking cigarettes for five years now. My doctor even put me on clomid back in 2008 and to no avail i have had no luck. I dont knw what else to do.

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Friday, 10:45am

Both men and women smokers generally have lower fertility rates. Men who smoke have an approximately 15 percent lower sperm count. Smoking also affects the shape, count and motility of sperm. Women smokers often experience difficulty producing the hormones they need to become pregnant. Smoking can also impede the egg from moving through the Fallopian tubes to the womb for implantation.

A study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology showed that smokers were more likely to take longer than 9.5 months to conceive than underweight or obese non-smokers. According to a study published by the British Medical Association, conception rates drop by up to 40 percent in female smokers. The best thing you can do now is to focus on quitting by using the patch, undergoing hypnosis, or trying a product like Chantix.


Monday, 11:03pm

I cant conceive at all. Ive tried numerous amount of times. What should I do?

khesia karen minor-basaen

Tuesday, 5:06am

I have 3 and 4 yr.old son,and my husband wants me get pregnant,i dont know what happend but its already 2 months but i think its not working what shall i do.?pls. help me get pregnant fast.

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Monday, 6:22pm

Here's a quick checklist to help get pregnant fast:

1. Get a preconception checkup to rule-out underlying issues.
2. Begin taking prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor.
3. Track your ovulation by using ovulation tests or charting your BBT. Count the first day of your period as Cycle Day 1 and begin testing on Cycle Day 9 until you get a positive result.
4. Try missionary style sex.
5. Lie in bed for 10-15 minutes after intercourse with your hips slightly elevated.
6. For top quality sperm, have sex every other night around ovulation. Sperm can live up to 72 hours after intercourse. Have your partner wear loose underwear & stay out of Jacuzzis.
7. Focus on reducing stress: drink a glass of wine or take a yoga class.
8. Some exercise is good, but 45 minutes of vigorous workouts, 7 days a week, could actually reduce your likelihood of ovulating.
9. Stop smoking.


Tuesday, 5:27pm

I have polycystic ovaries... The doctor told me I am fertile.. But I have been sexually active for 3 months now and I still havent gotten pregnant... What can I do??

Maureen Stephens, RN

Sunday, 12:47pm

I wouldn't be overly concerned at this point, since 3 months is still too early to tell if you're experiencing any fertility issues. However, if you continue without success, there are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, is timing your ovulation. I recommend charting your basal body temperature to determine your ideal time for conception. If necessary, be sure to get your body weight nearer to your ideal weight by switching to a diet that is low in fat and carbohydrates. If you need help stimulating ovulation, you may want to try a fertility aid like FertiBella or discuss stimulating your ovaries via HCG shots with your ObGyn.

You should keep in mind that women with PCOS do have an increased risk of miscarriage, hypertension, gestational diabetes and premature delivery, so you'll want to work closely with your doctor to limit your risk factors.


Wednesday, 12:41am

What does it mean when u have alot of discharge it's clear

Dr. Lynette Weiss, MD

Thursday, 9:12am

There are many conditions that may cause clear discharge, which is comprised of secretions from the cervix and vagina, old cells, and normal bacterial flora. Most often, discharge is just your body’s way of cleansing itself.

During your cycle, it is customary for wet, slippery vaginal secretions to increase on the day of ovulation. Immediately following the day of ovulation, your discharge thickens. Vaginas also secrete when stimulated, lubricated, or douched.

If you’re pregnant, you’ll notice there is a lot more discharge due to increased estrogen production and greater blood flow to the vaginal region. Later in the pregnancy, your cervix thins out and dilates, expelling cervical secretions resembling egg whites. If you are concerned that you may be leaking amniotic fluid, contact your ObGyn.

Tiffany Griffin

Wednesday, 3:24am

I had a tubal reversal done after I had a miscarriage this year I was left with one tube can I still get pregnant

Dr. Allison Rosen, MD

Monday, 12:03pm

Yes it is certainly possible to get pregnant with only one fallopian tube as long as you still have at least one of your ovaries, you are still able to ovulate, and the remaining fallopian tube is healthy. Statistically speaking, the possibility of achieving a pregnancy is reduced if you only have one functioning fallopian tube, but that does not necessarily mean you will encounter problems conceiving.

I recommend you chart your basal temperature, pinpoint your day of ovulation using a free ovulation calculator, and time your intercourse around ovulation to help become pregnant faster. If it takes more than a year, then you may want to look into fertility drugs or seeing a fertility specialist to discuss your options.


Saturday, 5:35pm



Sunday, 10:12am

Im also trying to have a baby and have been feeling pretty discouraged because I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was told by my OBGYN its pretty much impossible to conceive on my own if you have PCOS but this gives me hope. Where you on month 1 or 2 when you got pregant?


Friday, 8:38pm

Sorry about them all caps. lol. I was on my 2 month pink bottle with about 5-6 pills left. Just don't give up and i'm sure you will be pregant in no time. My sister has pcos and i told her to try it to so well see what happens.


Wednesday, 12:08am

How long does it take to recieve your order

Monica Scott, BS, RN

Wednesday, 12:31am

With priority shipping your order will arrive in 2-5 days, depending on your location. You will also receive an email with the tracking # once your order leaves the fulfillment warehouse so you can follow the progress of your shipment. If you have any additional questions about your order, you can also email Customer Care or call 888-363-9222 Mon-Fri, 9-5 EST and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Good luck on your TTC'ing journey!

About the author

Dr. Allison Rosen earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Biology and Master of Science in Biomolecular Organization from University of London. Dr. Rosen is Lab Director for FertiBella and is board certified as a High Complexity Laboratory Director (HCLD) by the American Board of Bioanalysis.